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You will be notified by the chairperson regarding your participation.

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5K Race
Chairperson: Anthony Trimble
Event Description
Entry Forms not available yet.
Please check back.
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Arts & Crafts
Chairperson: Jordan Wyant
Event Description
Entry Form (2015): PDF
Rules/Guidelines (2015): PDF
Deadline for entry: July 31, 2016
Please print and review both forms.
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Auto Show (Invitation Only!)
Chairperson: Rodney Highfield
Event Description
Entry Form Not Available Online - Contact Chairperson
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Children's Zone
Chairpersons: Geri Klase
Event Description
No Entry Forms Required!!!
Just bring the kids and have some FUN!!!
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Chairperson: Noreen Long
Event Description
Entry Form Not Available Online - Contact Chairperson
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Chairperson: Pam Cochran
Event Description
Sunday's Schedule - Monday's Schedule
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Grand Marshal
Chairperson: Kathy Lewis
Event Description
Nominations now being accepted.
Meet the 2014 honorees Mr. Charlie Hazell and Ms Jackie Hazell!
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Holiday At Home Gala
Chairperson: Amy Wyant
Event Description
Everyone's Invited!
Contact chairperson for ticket info.
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Hoiday At Home Scholarship Program
(NOTE: Replaces Miss Holiday Pageant and Community Service Award)
Chairperson: Alexis McLaughlin
Event Description
Entry Form and Rules: PDF
Deadline for entry: May 30, 2016
Please print and review all pages.
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Chairpersons: Ed Koehnen, Don Schweitzer,
Linda SchweitzerMary Ann Wendlin
Event Description
Entry Forms: Online Entry
Deadline for entry: August 1, 2016
Parade Rules And Regulations
Float Building Information
Float Staging Area
Float Awards Criteria
Route And Times
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Poster Contest
Chairperson: Christy Bombatch
Event Description
Rules and Regulations (PDF)
Entry Form (PDF)
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Chairpersons: Jerry Long, Jerry Fitzharris
General Information
Benefits Of Being A Sponsor
Signup Form (PDF)
Deadline for entry: April 15, 2016
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Chairperson: Mike Ashworth
Deadline: September 1
Signup Form: H@H
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