Planning Committee

Corey Ashworth – Logistics & LPC Support
Michael Ashworth – Logistics & LPC Support, Past Presidents Rep.
Holly Beard – Information Booth
Maureen Becker – Secretary
Aneese Bhimani-Trimble – 5K Race
Sean Bohn – Support
Bill Bradley – Parade
Diane Cattell – City Liaison
Tricia Connolly – Children’s Zone
Janet Erhart – Entertainment
Jacque Fisher – Entertainment
Joan Fisher-Hatton – Kick-Off Reception
Jerry Fitzharris – Treasurer
Rodney Highfield – Auto Show
Jamie Jarosik – Support
Carrie Khin- Vice President
Gerri Klase – Children’s Zone
Ed Koehnen – Parade
Jerry Long – Sponsors
Noreen Long – Concessions
Patsy Martin – Grand Marshal Liaison
Rhonda Mercs – City Liaison
Emily Myers – Arts & Crafts
Donald Parker- Support
Marty Piatt-Stanze – 5K Race
Tara Poteet – Auto Show
Bethany Roush – Holiday At Home Gala, President
Tom Roush – Collections
Josh Schwieterman – Auto Show
Dan Thornton – Support
Anthony Trimble – 5K Race
Naomi Vogel – Parade
Missy Mae Walters- Chairman of the Board
Amy Wyant – Website Liaison
Jordan Wyant – Parade
Dawn Wyatt – Marketing, Chairman of the Board


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